about the scrolls

I was introduced to Dupioni silk in 1994. "Dupioni" means "double" and refers to silk that has been woven from cocoons which were spun side by side and became inseparable. The characteristic nubbly texture and radiance of the weave seemed a natural match with the African prints; the Indonesian, African and Indian hand-dyed cotton batiks and the hand-woven Guatemalan cloth I'd been collecting in my travels. Although I do my own printing and painting, I have grown to love the collaborative nature of working with others' designs, and the challenge of defining a cohesive whole from disparate parts.

My Scrolls are approximately 7 1/2" wide by 58" long with 1/2" rings sewn on the back for hanging as well as a small dowel pocket at the top. I use exclusively natural materials: cottons, linens, silks and blends of these fibers. After being signed and dated, the Scrolls are tagged with our studio label, the name of the piece and sometimes a short poem or quote that inspired that particular Scroll. They are rolled for shipment (any wrinkles quickly fall out after they are hung) and packaged handsomely in black tissue paper and a sturdy white gift box. They may be steamed or hot-ironed. Additionally, they may be dry-cleaned.

More than a thousand of my Scrolls hang in homes, offices, sanctuaries and galleries around the globe.


From the workers in fields of
near and faraway places;
to weavers, printers and dyers;
to cities and villages in the Americas
and across the oceans;
our Scrolls bring you a wealth
of wishes from around the world...

Hang your Scroll in a special place
and create a sanctuary
for your own wishes.

Chakra Meditation Scroll